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The Last Prayer for a Child

Dear Saints,

"The prayers of David, the son of Jesse, are ended." (Psalm 72:20).

In Psalm 72 David prayed for Solomon.  Before you read it, guess: What are its two repeated themes?  Note above it was also in some sense his last prayer for him.  Many think David uttered this upon his death bed.

#1.  David prays that Solomon would be "exceedingly abundantly" prosperous.  And prosperous in manifold senses.  That is, that he would have wealth in gold & tribute; abundance of food; expansion of territory; victory in battle; longevity of reign; be remembered famously; respected, served, honored by others; and be altogether righteous.

Hmm, i feel i have been too narrow and too reserved in praying for the success of my children.  In whatever sphere and niche they are called, the idea is to be extravagantly bold.  Something like this ...

As an athletic trainer, may Natalie be renown as an innovator of concussion-preventing designs and concussion-healing techniques.  As a statesman, may Susie be  eminently helpful yet wholly uncompromising in her counsel to Kim Jong-il.  As a dog-walker, may John also be a dog-whisperer par excellence.  And may John's kennel be a marvel of miracle turn-a-rounds for dysfunctional but dearly beloved rescues.  May Einstein more than a smartphone salesman be.  Rather than transactions by means of savvy style and shtick, may he be a matchmaker of phone & handler and able to bring sure solutions to issues of overuse and content management (until, of course, he realizes i, i mean the Lord, was right about him being a preacher).  And yes, may Parker be a true friend to the growing neighborhood pack.  Yea, a quiet, confident alpha, able to 'lead' barky, mischievous betas and the omega followers safely away from trouble.  As future parents may their parenting grace be lauded on/in a hundred playgrounds and ball fields and church nurseries.  Well, these are a few ideas that come to mind for my children.  And this would be but a beginning if Psalm 72 be the model.

#2.  And that second major theme (did you guess it?) aid generally the prosperity of all those in your sphere of influence & responsibility, specifically the poor, needy, weak.  Now this surely included economics, but also prosperity of soul.  Let me put it this way, for every one person / couple that comes for financial counsel, seven come with a deep ache to fit / belong.  Finally, it includes doing them justice.  That is, doing whatever is possible to drive off their oppressors / oppression.  The idea is to bring one, a couple, few, several, dozen, a team, flock, nation along with you on the narrow hard road.

Finally note: Psalm 72 is also our Father's prayer breathed out by the Holy Spirit.  Is it being answered in us?

in CHRISt,